Exceptional business consulting for the adventure travel industry!

Wanderlust is a business consulting firm specializing in the adventure travel market. Founded by adventure travel pioneer Leo Le Bon, Wanderlust Consulting helps American and overseas clients develop new products, improve operating profitability and increase marketing effectiveness in the United States.

Experts in the Adventure Travel Industry

Our Team

Sixty-Five Years of Experience

Leo Le Bon
Founder & Director

Leo Le Bon, the “Grandfather of Adventure Travel,” is the co-founder of California-based Mountain Travel (now MtSobek,) the company that launched the adventure travel industry. Le Bon joined Thomas Cook World Travel in San Francisco in 1960. While there, he became one of the first travel professionals to get involved in outdoor travel by planning the first foreign outings to South America and Europe for the Sierra Club. ...

Nadia Le Bon

Nadia Billia Le Bon was born in Italy. During her college years, she pursued hiking and climbing in the Alps and started REMOVE traveling her world travels in Afghanistan in the seventies. She eventually got her dream job as a trekking guide in the Himalayas. In 1983 she organized the first Italian women-only climbing expedition to the Indian Himalaya. ...


Exceptional Business Consulting for the Adventure Travel Industry!

Client Testimonials

"Nearly thirty years ago, it was Leo who taught me that adventure travel means participating rather than simply observing. Then, Leo's vision and perseverance gave rise to the first foot safaris in Kenya. His concepts are still in place today."

Iain Allan

Owner, Tropical Ice, Kenya

"Leo Le Bon is a visionary. He came to Chile in the 1980s to start a revolution in the local travel industry. Adventure travel and excellence in service were some of his long-lasting teachings."

Alvaro Gonzalez

President, Ace Turismo, Chile

"When Leo joined me to wander around Costa Rica in 1979, he saw the potential before anybody else. In national park guard stations and then later in his office in Albany, Leo helped devise a marketing strategy that has stood the test of time."

Michael Kaye

President, Costa Rica Expeditions, Costa Rica

"You were instrumental in allowing us to understand the origin and evolution of adventure travel. Through your guidance we were able to develop attractive adventure programs in Peru."

Alfredo Ferreyros

President, Explorandes, Peru

"Leo Le Bon started adventure travel in India. It is because of him that Mercury Himalayan Explorations, the largest adventure travel company in India, exists today. We consider him our patron advisor and hope more destinations will seek out his expertise in adventure travel."

Col. Kumar

Managing Dir., Mercury Himalayan Explorations, India

"It is such a privilege for us to have your cooperation and your interest in our project."

Enrique Umbert

Mountain Lodges of Peru, Peru

Exceptional Business Consulting for the Adventure Travel Industry!
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