Marketing Consulting

Effective marketing is so much more than promoting your product or service. The right strategy reaches adventure travelers in a cost-effective manner, delivers a compelling message and drives enough new business to more than justify the expense. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to review current marketing efforts, develop objectives and shape a refined approach based on market analysis and insight.

  • Effectiveness

    How can we improve the effectiveness of our current marketing efforts?

  • Budget

    How much should we be spending on marketing?

  • Appropriate Mix

    What is the appropriate mix of advertising, PR and Internet initiatives?

  • Website

    How can we improve our website?

  • Markets

    Which markets and segments should we be targeting?

  • Location based on Competition

    How should we position our destination or service relative to the competition?

  • Trade Gatherings and Shows

    Which trade gatherings and consumer shows should we attend?

  • Representation

    How can you compete in the world’s largest adventure travel market without opening an office there?

Let Wanderlust Consulting represent you in the U.S. and beyond. Leo’s 40 years in the business give us unrivalled access to agents, adventure travel tour operators, outfitters and the media, and our marketing savvy allows us to deliver bookings more effectively and for a fraction of the cost of opening your own office.

Travel Experience

Over 65 years of adventure travel experience.

World Travelers

Over 100 countries of adventure travel experience

Unique Understanding

New destination development and management

Product Development

Gaining an informed perspective of the market and drafting a clear plan are two priorities for any successful travel business. We have helped our clients address some of the following issues:


While a successful strategy and marketing plan are important, operations is the heart-beat of your business. No adventure travel company can profitably sustain itself in the long term without being well managed. Typical operational challenges include:

  • Adventure Tourism Potential

    What is the adventure tourism potential of this destination?

  • Attracting New Market Segments

    How can we expand our business by attracting new market segments (e.g., by age, income, places of origin)?

  • Product or Market Opportunities

    What new products or market opportunities exist for a business such as ours?

  • Strategic Alliances

    What should we be doing in terms of strategic alliances and partnerships?

  • Level of Service

    What level of service do we need to deliver to our customers to be successful?

  • Measure Success

    How will we measure our success and how can we improve these metrics over time (i.e., number of unique visitors to our web site)?

  • Allocation of Resources

    How should we allocate the financial, human and physical resources at our disposal?

  • Building Reciprocal Skills

    How can we build certain critical skills within our workforce? (i.e., reciprocal visits to other destinations, coaching, attending seminars)

Our central belief is that insightful consulting is an investment, not an expense. As with any business undertaking you consider, in good times or bad, you don’t do it unless you expect a healthy positive return. At Wanderlust, we won’t undertake a project for you unless we believe we can generate a fivefold return on your investment in our fees. We invite you to hold us to that yardstick.

What Some of Our Clients Say

“It is such a privilege for us to have your cooperation and your interest in our project.”

Enrique Umbert (President)Mountain Lodges of Peru

“Leo Le Bon started adventure travel in India. It is because of him that Mercury Himalayan Explorations, the largest adventure travel company in India, exists today. We consider him our patron advisor and hope more destinations will seek out his expertise in adventure travel.”

Col. Kumar (Managing Director)Mercury Himalayan Explorations in India

“You were instrumental in allowing us to understand the origin and evolution of adventure travel. Through your guidance we were able to develop attractive adventure programs in Peru.”

Alfredo Ferreyros (President)Explorandes in Peru

“When Leo joined me to wander around Costa Rica in 1979, he saw the potential before anybody else. In national park guard stations and then later in his office in Albany, Leo helped devise a marketing strategy that has stood the test of time.”

Michael Kaye (President)Costa Rica Expeditions in Costa Rica

“Leo Le Bon is a visionary. He came to Chile in the 1980s to start a revolution in the local travel industry. Adventure travel and excellence in service were some of his long-lasting teachings.”

Alvaro Gonzalez (President)Ace Turismo in Chile

“Nearly thirty years ago, it was Leo who taught me that adventure travel means participating rather than simply observing. Then, Leo’s vision and perseverance gave rise to the first foot safaris in Kenya. His concepts are still in place today.”

Iain Allan (Owner)Tropical Ice in Kenya